Arminox - Intelligent use of Stainless Steel in Concrete Structures
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Arminox - Intelligent use of Stainless Steel in Concrete Structures

Stainless Reinforcement


Intelligent use of ARMINOX

  • Price and quality go together, and it is no secret that stainless steel reinforcement is more expensive than ordinary steel. But in the long-term choosing ARMINOX® reinforcing steel is a much more cost effective solution.

  • Structures last longer – with direct economic benefit to the bottom line. We know how to use the individual qualities intelligently. The philosophy is clear: ARMINOX® reinforcing steel should be used intelligently, in that way the most cost-effective solution is achieved.

  • ARMINOX® reinforcing steel is designed for the critical points in concrete structures, where corrosion risk is commonly recognised.

  • Fortunately ARMINOX® stainless reinforcing steel can be connected to black reinforcing steel without any risk at all of galvanic corrosion.

  • Besides ARMINOX® stainless reinforcement renders the addition of expensive corrosion protection chemicals superfluous. Equally in most cases the sealing coat can be reduced with 30 to 50%.


Intelligent use of Arminox

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