Arminox - Intelligent use of Stainless Steel in Concrete Structures
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Arminox - Intelligent use of Stainless Steel in Concrete Structures

Stainless Reinforcement


Sound Economy

  • Viewed in isolation, Arminox® stainless reinforcing steel will appear to be an efficient but relatively expensive solution to the problem of corrosion. However, calculations made by leading international engineering companies show that the intelligent application of stainless steel is a highly cost-effective solution.

  • L.C.C. analysis show that the very low additional construction investment (0.5 – max. 3%) will be recovered within a few years.

    Economy by intelligent use of Arminox® stainless steel reinforcement
    Stainless reinforcement combined with traditional carbon steel reinforcement

      Intelligent reinforcement
    Medium- and high aggressive enviroment
    Extra cost: +3% of traditional structure
      Intelligent reinforcement
    Low aggressive enviroment
    Extra cost: +0,5% of traditional structure

    Traditional carbon steel reinforcement




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